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Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
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Appreciation event

Appreciation event for ArtistsSponsored by Samir and Ghassan Art shop   Read More...


On Ellen's Show ! BIC for HER pens. check out what she had to say about them,, Read More...


BIC® Mark It™ / Marking™ CD/DVD
BIC® Mark It™ / Marking™ CD/DVD Jordan
Clairefontaine Notebooks
Clairefontaine Notebooks Jordan
Easy Clic
Easy Clic Jordan



Best Selection, Availability & services in the market.

Since we are aware that being creative often requires materials that are difficult to  find, Samir & Ghassan continuously stocks more than 8000 products in its  warehouse in order to guarantee that each customer's needs are available in stock. Top  brands of the stationery market include : Canson paper for  Engineers,  artists and hobbyists.   Canson Infinity Media for  Artists and  professional photographers.  Color & Co.   Gouache paints, Acrylic and oil  paints  in addition to stretched Canvas  that covers the full range from  kindergarten to  professional painters,   under the names of Lefranc &  Bourgeois,  Colart ,  Reeves  and Windsor & Newton.  Clairefontaine  office  and school stationery,  note books, copy paper,  and of course  Rhodia note  pads.  Bic Stationery Products  ranges from  school supplies to office  supplies;   pencils,  ball point pens,  roller pens,  Tippex  correction  pens,  coloring pens,  markers and  highlighters.  Da Vinci brushes  the  range from bristle brushes to  squirrel  for oil and acrylic paints  for  kids and professionals.  Mintra  school and university  notebooks,  note  pads,  a full and wide range educational  notebooks for all ages and  educational levels. In addition to  some office supplies.   Linex; Danish  engineering products for engineers and architects,  T squares,  set squares,  protractors and compasses.  Isomars  and Indian products for engineering and  architect students with high quality and precision.    The light weight  Balsa wood for model making materials.   A full range of wrapping paper from  Germany made by Zowie.  Xpal, the high quality of  masking and packing tapes  that comes in different sizes and lengths.   US playing cards    are also  available  in our stock.    Sheaffer pens and ball point pens,  the leader  in  writing instruments with over 100 years of  development and wide variety.

Eisen    pencil sharpeners   the best of the line,  plastic and metal sharpeners.

Last but not least is the best Value for money offered for our customers. Although Art is an important part of a well-rounded education for children and young  adults,  art educators are being challenged by reduced

budgets which limit their ability to purchase best quality products at reasonable costs. In addition, most students, amateurs, and professional artists are also faced  with limited funds to spend on their materials. Yet this difficulty is easily overcome at Samir & Ghassan's shop, which due to its  unmatched purchasing power, is able to obtain the best values, and then pass  those savings on to our customers. We continually scour competitive ads and  websites to make sure we offer you the best prices.