arts in jordan - samir and ghassan
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Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
Arts in jordan
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Appreciation event

Appreciation event for ArtistsSponsored by Samir and Ghassan Art shop   Read More...


On Ellen's Show ! BIC for HER pens. check out what she had to say about them,, Read More...




Since 1954, our Company has at all times given priority to innovations by targeting not only the achievable successes, but also the ones seen as non-achievable, and has maintained its well-known and reliable firm image by adapting itself to all changes in its industry in line with the recent global standards.

Our number-one target is quality, and our non-concessible priority is to reach and maintain total and absolute customer satisfaction.

In line with our objectives, as a first step, we aimed at establishing a peaceful work atmosphere where everyone likes and respects each other and works with job security, and our main principles include to adapt ourselves to all positive developments of the 21. century and be ready for all kinds of technologic innovations and be consistent in our quality and conduct our works and services with a flexible approach with the intention of satisfying all wishes and demands of our customers at all times.

Our Vision

To become among top three companies that are most popular with the employees, shareholders, customers, and suppliers in the industry thanks to the profitable growth model based on brand development.

Our PrinciplesBeing Honest, Reliable and Fair

Honesty constitutes the basis of all our relations and accordingly, we adopt a coherent and fair attitude towards our employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders without making any discrimination in order to create an atmosphere of reliance by providing mutual benefits. Being Respectful of Laws and Ethical Values

We observe the laws and legal regulations without making any concession therefrom and respect ethical and moral rules, different opinions, and values. Being Sensitive to the Environment and Respectful to the Society

All our acts are characterized with our awareness as to the significance of protecting the environment for the good of our world and performing our responsibility towards people and future generations and accordingly, we attribute utmost importance to human health in all our activities and use non-carcinogenic substances in all the products we manufacture.

Our Values for Continuous Improvement

We invest in our employees and technology in order to improve the product and service quality. Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are at the core of all our activities and efforts. We continually make efforts to devise solutions to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting their expectations. Team Work

We believe in working and achieving together. Our Employees

The most important capital of our company is and shall be its employees. Therefore, we try to ensure their continuous development so that they may fully use their abilities and potentials. Flexibility

In our modern world in which the most important capability turns out to be the ability to adapt to change, we are committed to learning and updating ourselves continually so as to meet customer requirements correctly in a timely manner.