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About Us


Founded in in 1978 in Amman – Jordan, Samir & Ghassan trading company soon became a house hold name for all your stationary needs. Serving all sectors from engineering and design supplies to students and art needs, Samir & Ghassan is with no doubt the best place for you to find all your needs. With a sales force spread all around the country, Samir & Ghassan provides the best services and quality you can ever find. So if you’re creative come on down and pay us a visit. Feel at home. Samir & Ghassan, your creative home.

About Us

Samir & Ghassan the biggest art shop in Jordan. Your house of creativity!


London:Jan 2nd to Feb 12th

France: Mar 5th to Apr 18th

Germany:Sep 22nd to Nov 1st

Australia:Nov 21st to Dec 25th


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 Abd al rahman khalifeh street Main door, between 7th and 8th circle، Zahran Street side door, Building number 314، Amman



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